Alien Love

Alien Love

Joke:Alien Love

A young man and woman were away on holiday in a remote village, late at night they heard a throbing sound and saw flashing lights!
next minute a knock at the door !!! He nerviously went to open it and in front of him were 2 of the oddest looking purple coloured aliens. although odd you could tell easily they were male and female.

Anyway after a long chat it transpired that they were intergalactic travellers that loved to swap sexual partners with different species from worlds across the galaxy.they asked our young couple if they would like to swap partners so they could try a night of passion with human company. After a moment of thought they agreed.

The woman went upstairs with the male alien whilst the man stayed downstairs with the female. upstairs the woman and male alien began to sexual foreplay……..oh dear said the woman you are a bit small….no worries he said and guided her hand to his left ear and gently pulled the lobe….oooh she exclaimed as it grew as long as a twelve inch pencil….its still very thin though…so he guided her hand to his rigt ear…one tug…and it was as thickas the thickest sausage……a passionate night of love making followed….when she awoke in the morning her alien partner was nowhere to be seen,she went downstairs and her young fella was making breakfast….

They’ve gone then she exclaimed, yes he said, went a while back. how was it for you he said inquisitively, realy good she said, in fact almost perfect, what was it like for you she asked him,(wondering if it was as good) pretty good he said…..mind you she had this realy strange habit,ALL NIGHT WHILE WE WERE MAKING LOVE SHE KEPT PULLING MY EARS AND THEY AREN’T HALF SORE!!!!!!!!!