Smarter Man In The World

Smarter Man In The World

Joke: Smartter Man In The World

On an aircraft are the French president, the American president, the Russian president, a priest, and a hippie suddenly an engine blow off. Fire spread all over the plane and there are only 4 parachutes available the American president jumps with a parachute and said that it is him the most powerful man of the world.

The Russian president also jumps and explains that also he his the most powerful president, the French president also jumps and says me I am not the most powerful of the world but the most smarter man of the world.

So only one parachute remain the priest says to the hippie takes the last, you are younger than me, and me I am a man of god I am not afraid to die I will go bock to god.

The hippie says everything is fine my father he indeed remains two parachute the because the most smarter man of the world have just jumped with my bag back pack.